Re: [[Murder of Sherri Rasmussen]], the article is nicely done, and is indeed about the case itself, and the discovery of the facts in the case.  Even better that it does not give oxygen and notoriety/recognition to criminals.

In the case of individuals who become symbols for a cause, I don't see that it matters whether there is enough information for a biography or whether it follows the exact format for a formal biography.  Often these events take on a life of their own, and in a span of years, trigger formation of organizations and legislation invoking the individual involved in that particular event.  The alamo is not just the alamo.

SEO optimization should be taken into consideration with these names, at the very least as a courtesy to the readers who are trying to find information on the topic.  When naming articles, the effect of search engines, particularly Google, is often taken into account, especially when trying to determine Primary Topic--in other words, which article gets to sit at the premium name, and which gets to be listed on a disambiguation page with qualifiers in parenthesis. I was always unhappy that the Guantanamo prisoner Mohammed al-Qahtani got the premium spot, while the Saudi dissident had to be satisfied with Mohammad *Fahad* al-Qahtani.  But the ghits bear out the popularity of the first name, so it would be hard to make an issue of it.

Execution of Jesus Christ]], LOL, surely "Christ" is NPOV? If you're going with that, you should probably use "martyrdom" :P

On Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 9:57 PM, Daniel and Elizabeth Case <> wrote:
>Hmm, it just occurred to me that Jesus was probably not notable until after his death.  I wonder if anyone has ever >tried to move Jesus => Murder of Jesus.
I think the correct title would be “Execution of Jesus Christ”. Smile
Daniel Case

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