This is great because it means that all the excellent work on the paralympics and paralympians can be moved to "Sport" where they belong. Articles about women’s sport are not primarily GLAM articles, they are sports articles, just as articles about women artists are primarily GLAM articles.  Describing an article on [[Priya Cooper]] as a GLAM article, as we have been doing, is as confusing as it would be to describe the article on Bernini’s wonderful [[Apollo and Daphne (Bernini)]] as an article on the sport of archery. So this sports portal means things can be made less confusing.

The obvious overlaps between women and sports (for example, individual sportswomen and women’s sport, such as individual paralympians or sporting competitions like the Olympics) are comparable to the obvious overlaps between GLAM and women (for example, women artists or exhibitions of their work). Now, with their primary category made clearer, it should all be more coherent. Good.

There are opportunities for good GLAM articles when all three converge – GLAM, sport and women. For example, there is currently an exhibition on at the [[Museum of Sydney]] about surfing and there is an event coming up at the [[State Library of New South Wales]] about the history of cricket including the first women’s cricket team.

Such exhibitions at libraries or galleries using archival or artistic material and highlighting women’s historical engagement in sport could contribute to good GLAM articles if someone had the time.  I will myself try to resist, since there is already so much to do in GLAM and also in the GLAM/ women nexus in which I am interested. I am so far behind already in my own goals in this area, that scuttling about in the encyclopaedia, I feel like the [[White Rabbit]]: “...late, late for a very important date!”


On 15 January 2012 03:09, Sarah Stierch <> wrote:
Hi everyone,

A few months ago Laura Hale founded WP:Women's sport on English Wikipedia.[1] While it's not an area I tend to work in, I've noticed it popping up on my radar with a French-English-Hebrew speaking editor named Genevieve2 who has been posting about it on WP:Feminism and WP:Women's History talk pages.

Some of you might have interest in the project, right now Genevieve is trying to inspire folks to participate in writing an article and major women's sports in North America.[2] It might interest some of you, or perhaps inspire some of you to translate or write related articles in whatever language of your choice!

And if you're in the mood to get a bit fiery or involved in conversation, a discussion about gender in articles (i.e. "This is a men's football tournament," for the SuperBowl, for example) has been brought up on the talk page.[3]  (It also appears to me that the people involved in the conversation are male, correct me if I'm wrong, of course!)

Great work Laura at starting the project and Genevieve (who I don't believe is on this list, yet) for promoting collaboration amongst Wikipedians. It's been nice to see my cohorts from WP:Feminism jumping into handle some tough tasks of copy editing issues on some articles. 



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