Hi everyone. I wanted to share a blog that came across my radar today. I've always been one to channel my rage into action, more than comfortably verbally expressing myself through blogs. So, it's always nice when I read a blog that basically verbalizes my own personal frustrations and rage, and well, I didn't have to write it. :)

Fellow Wikipedian, Tom Morris, wrote a wonderful blog that channeled his own frustrations and bluntly takes a look at sexism within the geek landscape and the concepts of booth babes, verbalized sexism and more, and all with a queer spin, something rarely expressed by men (queer women generally have no problem expressing these frustrations!).


Thanks Tom for sharing your voice, you expressed a rage that many of us (well, at least me!) feel but have a hard time expressing.
(And perhaps some of you might disagree with Tom, too!)

I'm really hoping that at Wikimania we can provide the healthy and professional, yet fun and collaborative environment that is without worry. I have heard from women who have little desire to attend Wikimania due to past experiences. Let's try to make this years Wikimania, and other meetups, gatherings and events around the world friendly for all.


Sarah Stierch
Wikimedia Foundation Community Fellow
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