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Note: most of the "in trouble" editor's aren't that productive at contributing feminist content to Wikipedia. I have interacted with only four of them - Black Kite, Future Perfect at Sunrise, TarainDC and Bilby - only one is a female in real life and I know her from GLAM editing projects. She is the only one that I know who has actively edited feminist topics prior to this. I actually consider Bilby an ally, but, I have never heard him or any of the other editors blatantly identify themselves as feminists.

Black Kite, Future Perfect at Sunrise and Bilby are not mentioned on the Proposed decision page, so I don't see how they are in trouble.

The Guardian article is talking about the five editors dubbed "the five horsemen" by the Gamergate movement, e.g. here:


They're Ryulong, NorthBySouthBaranof, Tarc, TheRedPenOfDoom, and TaraInDC.

As things stand, 

-- Ryulong, Tarc and TaraInDC are currently heading for topic bans; 
-- TheRedPenOfDoom and NorthBySouthBaranof are being admonished.

A potential downside of this decision is that in future, fewer established editors will be eager to deal with situations like this, as they can expect that it will ultimately result in their being drawn into an arbcom case and sanctioned in some way.