The GenderGap list is about the gender gap - the gap in representation, involvement, participation, and acceptance of women on Wikipedia. We are concerned about it because of its impact on the encyclopaedia and on some people working in good faith on it. The sexual orientation and indeed, the sex life of those women and men is irrelevant. Individuals who are concerned to remedy the gender gap for the sake of the encyclopaedia might be male (gay or straight) or female (gay or straight) or anything else for that matter. To repeat, this gender gap list is about the gender gap. It is not about sub groups or sexual identification. It is about accessing the knowledge and talents of 50% of the population. It is about PEOPLE working together on a project and a problem with that project irrespective of who they choose or decline to have as sexual partners.

So it is good that there will be a separate list specifically for discussions of L, G, B,T, I, Q etc. I think we should ignore sexual orientation on THIS one as it is irrelevant for addressing the the lack of female participation in Wikmedia projects. Otherwise I want a list for people who identify as celibate.

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