Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson was photographed by paparazzi this weekend being choked by her husband, Charle Saatchi, in public recently. 

IP's bombarded his article, and her articles, adding content, images, etc. I checked out Charle's article tonight - one IP edit includes changing his lead to say "he's a businessman" to "he's a prick" (paraphrasing). His article was protected due to vandalism. 

Nigella's article was bombarded with content, images, and so forth of what happened. It has Good Article status. No one page protected it. 

I protected it tonight. 

I was really shocked to see that it wasn't protected, but Charles' article was. 

Perhaps it's paranoia? I just had to get this off my chest. 


Sarah Stierch
Museumist, open culture advocate, and Wikimedian