No one says we can't make "our own" wiki - MediaWiki is free, after all. 

I do hate having to have a practice wiki... it's like here are your training wheels then you graduate and can go on to write on the "real man's version" of Wikipedia. 

It's like articles for creation :P 


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This is the new user mentoring program

on English Wikipedia
This is great!

Also, I agree that a woman's space will be shut down much more quickly than GGTF could be, and through an actual Misc for Deletion. The (male dominated) "community" won't put up with it.  And it would might be somewhat duplicative of the numerous relevant projects that exist.

And another email list probably not needed unless it is for very specific projects.  One of which might be:

A woman's "practice Wiki."

Even if it only used somewhat more rudimentary technology and had scaled down policy/help pages. And if it only included a few thousand initial articles across a variety of topics and grew only as woman chose to create articles not on Wikipedia and/or move articles over and practice on them.

*Editors would have to register but only would be verified as women if they became disruptive. And then once verified, usual relevant practices would apply.  Advantages:

*We have to get women hooked and avoiding the most obvious problems of immediately deleted edits and hostility would give them a chance to get hooked.

*New editors could move back and forth between the two and it would be a place women having problems on regular wikipedia could go back to until they were ready to try again, without feeling the only alternatives is to quit.

*It's main/news pages would be of interest to women

*If it grew fast and became popular, Wikipedia might have to look at their policies.  Even if it doesn't, it still helps create a strong and larger number of women who can make changes to the "community" policies.

*I'm sure others can come up with advantages.

This sort of thing probably could be done with just a couple employees and various donations as necessary.



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