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Looks like a great find!

It seems to me that transcribing these volumes onto Wikisource would be a great step toward getting them used as sources for Wikipedia articles. In case you (or somebody else on the list) are not familiar with Wikisource, it's basically a place where you can:
* start with scanned books (like those you linked below)
* transcribe them (using a combination of Optical Character Recognition and manual transcription)
* match up the transcribed pages with the scanned images (for an example, see: http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Page%3AEnglish_Caricaturists_and_Graphic_Humourists_of_the_nineteenth_century.djvu/56 )

The advantages are many, but here are a few:
* Once a book is transcribed, it's easy to use a tool like translate.google.com to get a rough translation into another language
* It's possible to use wikilinks to Wikipedia articles, Wiktionary definitioins, etc. to add context
* It's possible to make small readability/usability improvements on the original, like neatly aligned bullet lists, linkable footnotes, etc.

So, it might be interesting to start transcribing one of these volumes to Wikisource as a first step toward using them in Wikipedia. There are some very sophisticated tools that automate a lot of the process; I'm not a great expert myself, but if you'd like, I could see if there's a Spanish speaker who could guide you through the process of uploading these to Spanish Wikisource.

[[User:Peteforsyth]] on English Wikipedia, Wikisource, etc.

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...with biographies about females, 3 volumes:

Perhaps it deserves an entry here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:MISSING

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