No, I cannot help with the data (although I share your interest in knowing it).


But, it is probably not too surprising to find higher concentrations of female Wikipedians in education and GLAM as there are usually high levels of female participation in those professions. If the Wikipedia data exists, it would be interesting to compare it with corresponding occupation gender balances. For example, the biological sciences attract a lot of women (far more than the physical sciences), does that reflect in higher levels of female participation in Wikispecies? Of course, it may not be obvious what occupations should be used for comparison? Travel agents for Wikivoyage? Professional photographers for Commons?




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Hi all,

Does anyone know if data about gender of contributors on projects other than English Wikipedia is available? In addition to other language Wikipedias, it would be interesring if we have data about Commons, Wikisource, Wikivoyage, Wiktionary, Wikispecies, etc.

Also, anecodotally I obeserve a relatively high percentage of female participation in education and GLAM activities. Do we have data about the gender of participants in education and GLAM, particularly in leadership roles?