Awesome work Axel. Super happy to see this event taking off.

Perhaps for March - Women's History Month - we can have an even larger scale event!!

Feeling so inspired!


On 9/26/12 1:56 AM, Axel Pettersson wrote:
Hi all,
Beeing ambushed by an article in one of tha biggest papers in Sweden talking about the Brittish Ada edit-a-thon ( and that nothing would be done in Sweden I finally got around to sort things out and finalize our event. A new article promotes our edit-a-thon in a nice way ( and so far we have four participants for in place and a bunch for the online activities.

Feel free to add articles to write or expand under "Artiklar att jobba med" on and sign up for tickets at, "På plats" if you intend to come to Stockholm to participate and "online" if you want to help out from other places.


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