Although I didn't explicitly tag it as a systemic bias/gendergap submission, my talk if accepted and I manage to get over to London will be focused quite a bit on how collaboration with academia can help us begin to address our issues of systemic bias.  The program at Berkeley that has hired me is actually a program that specifically deals with issues of race, culture, gender, systemic bias, and associated issues.  One of the classes I'll be assisting deals with the American prison system from an ethnic studies standpoint (which is certainly an undercovered area on ENWP!,) and the other is dealing with issues of environmental justice, another area that ENWP is really really weak on.  A lot of the GLAM side of things will be focused on releasing historically significant material related to the free speech movement, civil rights movement, and other unique collections that Berkeley holds that aren't found many other places.

So, to plug my own submission slightly ;)

Kevin Gorman

On Sun, Apr 13, 2014 at 6:35 PM, Sarah Stierch <> wrote:
I'm on the program committee, so every year I make a list of submissions that have been submitted to Wikimania related to gender gap/systemic bias. Be sure to add your interest in attending at the end of the submissions that interest you. 


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