After listening and reading some comments at the WMF Metrics Meeting today, I have a few other thoughts. These aren't directed at anyone in particular, and I hope other people will comment in this discussion.

* With regard to adding, clarifying, or changing rules: the situation may be different in different wikis. For example, ENWP has a very large and complicated set of community policies; smaller wikis may have few or no written policies. I'm reluctant to add to the cobweb of policies on English Wikipedia, but perhaps for some wikis it would be helpful to set up new rules that go into greater detail than "be civil".

* At community meetings and conferences I attend, the attendees are almost unanimously polite and considerate. How can we take that same atmosphere onto online spaces?

* Would it help to increase the number of administrators on some wikis? If so, how do we do this in a thoughtful way? There are tradeoffs to be considered.

* How can we help good-faith and competent administrators to feel good about what they do, and help to motivate them to keep doing it?

* To borrow a comment from Sumana: how do we balance freedom of expression with hospitality? We tend to be strong proponents of freedom of expression; can we simultaneously be strong proponents of civility? ("Civility" does not necessarily mean "free from disagreement"; rather, I'm hoping that we can have disagreements in a civil manner.)

With those thoughts, I'm going to give myself a vacation from reading mailing lists for the next few days before I get trouted by Marti for being here instead of working on LearnWiki. I hope other people will share their thoughts on this topic.