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I'm not clear what point you are trying to prove, other than the 9% of "girls'" voices don't matter. I also find it questionable that you refer to women as girls and don't hesitate ponder why you don't call men boys.

I notice a few people do that. I often find myself re-reading statements to figure out if writers are indeed talking about girls (under the age 18) or grown women.

Offense is not the reason here, IMO. Offense barely scratches the surface. I can imagine that many of the people on this list are angry--they are angry that women are being objectified and because women are in the minority on the community and it's an uninviting, sometimes terribly creepy atmosphere, their voices do not matter.

+1 I'm pissed, to be frank.  I also notice there are is still a nice and small amount of women who are really rude also also, especially to other women. Like this is some territorial thing. (I'm also getting that complaint from the survey!)

Come on, get a fucking life.

Maggie - how come you and I haven't met yet? <3

Nowhere did you prove that she lied in that article. You only stated how you disagree with her opinion. Obviously you are not part of this group for the interest of women, otherwise you would care about that 9%'s opinion---so why are you subscribing???

This is a problem we occasionally have in the gender gap room. Why hang out and tell us that you think feminism sucks and that this is one big scheme for special treatment and "affirmative action" and then hang out and wonder why we freak the hell out on you in the IRC room. /facepalm


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