Dear friends, 

I would like to invite you to participate in the research project I'm undertaking as part of the Initiative for Research in Media and Memory at the University of Hull (UK) and that is hosted here --> 

The aim of this research project is to create an app that will help individuals to explore a topic of their choice in Wikipedia and provide them with information (a feedback) on their usage that will highlight the type of stereotypical biases (memory transgressions towards stereotypes such as gender, race, economic background etc.) that characterize their exploration. 

The study explores the relationship between human memory and digital memory in creative archives and is being carried out from a feminist and decolonial approach, which means that we are trying to be inclusive throughout the work process and that any feedback you may want to give us on this and other issues will be very well received and much appreciated. 

The research project has three stages:
a) You will be asked to complete an online survey about the user experience of retrieval and knowledge discovery in creative archives (The questionnaire will take approximately 8 minutes of your time) 
b) The study will require from you an interview where you will be asked to give further information about some of the questions raised on the general survey. In order to be as unobtrusive as possible, you will be able to record it in your own space, on your own time and with your own computer and send it to the following email address (The interview may take between 15 and 30 minutes)  
c) You will be asked to participate in 2 online events to test the usability of the application. The first event will take place between April and May 2016, the second event will take place between September and October 2016 and you will decide the extent of your participation)

Your participation in this research will be completely confidential and data will be averaged and reported in aggregate. Possible outlets of dissemination may be papers published in academic journals and a PhD dissertation. Although your participation in this research may not benefit you personally, it will help us understand how to improve the user experience of exploration in creative archives such as micro blogging sites and social media platforms. 



Marta  Delatte 
creative director and co-founder 

PhD Researcher 
Media & Memory Research Initiative
University of Hull (UK)
44 (0) 7923 528128