On 6/28/2013 5:09 AM, Lennart Guldbrandsson wrote:
On a wiki meetup in Gothenburg (where there for some unexplained reason are always more women present than at the ones in Stockholm - different women, not just the same), I mentioned the gendergap issue to one of the female newcomers. She was not interested at all in the issue, since she felt that her edits should stand on their own merit, not be based on her gender. (Which made me feel like a creep for bringing the issue up.)

Ah, but was she registered with a female name, or a handle that sounded female? Or did she have a neutral handle and fail to mention her sex? 

Plus there's the issue of the vibes we give off even behind handles.  Some people probably give off more obviously (or stereotypcially?) male than female vibes and vice versa, even if those are not our genders or sexes of choice... ;-)

cm in dc