Congratulations! You certainly are making an impact - we are starting to see lots of women running onto the Wikipedia field!

On 27 April 2012 09:00, Laura Hale <> wrote:
Since mid-April, we've gone from!FIFA_national_women%27s_football_teams_by_class.png to in terms of having articles about women's national football teams.  A few of these have been mentioned on DYK. Still working on fixing all the brown.  On the it makes me really, really happy note: is the first Good Article about a women's football team at the moment.  The only one close is Germany, which now stands as featured.

Related, looking at , there are now as many or MORE b class and GA class articles about national women's football teams on English Wikipedia as there are about men's national teams.  The African focus is also really cool because women in Africa (and Asia and South America) are often hugely under-represented on English Wikipedia, with few editors working in this space.

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