Oh my god, feminism is all about being equal--it's called egalitarianism.

I've been "attacking" or "ganging up" on you because you were rude, sexist, and said things that made me extremely angry. I don't really care about the OP's post to be honest--and I didn't agree with all of it. But this is about what you said. It made me angry. It made me angry that a woman said this--effectively saying that because women are not readily visible in these issues, their opinions are invalid. That was how I understood it. And how you personally feel on the issue is irrelevant. JUST because a  woman is not commenting on an issue doesn't mean she isn't offended by it. There are only 9% of women on WP after all. Perhaps women don't mind, but there is not an appropriate representation of the real-world population of women, and you are saying because the 9% of women in the minority are not "screaming to tear apart images" then obviously women are not against it. What an ignorant assumption. That is ignoring any opinion of any woman who uses WP. 

Then the irony of it all--several men tell me to calm down in a matter of ways.

I could also say more things about anti-feminist women, and how they always behave the same way--but I won't stuff your mailboxes with anymore of this. Just remember, men: when a woman is offended by something she's allowed to voice those complaints, and it doesn't have to be productive by your standards.


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Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2011 21:50:47 +0100
From: B?ria Lima <beria.lima@wikimedia.pt>
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To: Increasing female participation in Wikimedia projects
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Please see Theo's post in answer to one of yours. And read my mails. I'm not
sexist. Not towards mans, not towards womans as well. I'm NOT a feminist,
true, but I'm not paternalist as well, I believe we all should be equals and
be threaded that way.

You really should read my mail again, I have the feeling that you didn't
understand a bit of what I said since you continue to "give me" ideas I do
not subscribe at all.

PS.: Would be good if you keep the name of the treads you're answering.
Answer to "Digest" mails break the treads and makes everything a mess.
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