On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 2:43 AM, Richard Symonds <richard.symonds@wikimedia.org.uk> wrote:
This has provoked much excitement in London! In the words of one of our staff, 
"This is absolutely excellent. What we need to do is make sure all volunteer event leads are aware of this (because in my experience, they are the ones pointing people towards account creation on the day), and that there is a standard format for naming event campaigns (for example; if we called one 'editathon' then we could be conflating different event metrics if they were both editathons)"

I thought I'd share these with this list - it's an excellent project, but we need to plan how to deal with the naming format :-)

Glad to hear it's of use! 

Regarding naming: yes, as advised in the Extension:Campaigns documentation, it's key to pick a name that is unique in order to avoid collisions with other campaigns. The only limit is that it can't be longer than 40 characters.

My team is keeping a semblance of a log of current and past campaigns at https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Research:Account_creation_campaigns, if you're looking for examples of other campaign names or want a place to document your own. 

Steven Walling