Worked on fatal exception noted by Nick yesterday in watchlist. This issue is fixed, but Matthias wants to look at how the wrong title ended up watchlisted.

Search (G-8): Plans to make Special:FlowSearch, to test the back-end search. That page will just have a form to hold search results, so we can see what kind of results we're getting.

Will talk to Nik and Chad in a couple days about the configuration for elastic search. Right now, the search won't have conjugations of words, just a straight search for keywords.

Question about the Monobook bug where new message highlights are in the wrong place -- we don't really know what the right place is on Monobook. S suggested that someone propose some new CSS for highlighting to run past May and Danny.


Modal improvements (I-7) are in code review.

Working on H-8: Add hide/delete/suppress to board history.


Changing <title> to include topic name and board name (I-3) is in code review.

Started working on I-1: Hide topic improvements. It'll take a few days.
The job to clean out old notifications (I-6) -- Erik will hold it back on Thursday, and then put it on beta so we can test it for a week before releasing it live.