Hey Pine,

Thanks for your kind words about Echo. Those of us who created it are really happy the tool is useful to you. :)

See my comments inline below.


On Apr 22, 2014, at 11:53 PM, ENWP Pine <deyntestiss@hotmail.com> wrote:

Thanks again to those who created Echo. It is being used widely in my circles and I get lots of useful notices these days.

* I would like to suggest making more of the notices send email by default, especially thanks notifications.

We enable email notifications by default for all new users.

Existing users have to opt-in. When we launched the product, we didnít want current users to be overwhelmed by too many email notifications they didnít ask for. At this point, it would be strange to change that policy, given that individual users have sole control over their preferences.

* I heard another user suggest sending a notification when a file that someone uploads to Commons is added to a Wikipedia article. I think that is a great idea. Can this be done?

Yes, our multimedia team is hoping to build this Ďyour file was usedí notification in coming months, as specified here:


Stay tuned for more ...

* I would like to ask about the thanks system on Meta. I started to use the Echo thanks system to thank who are answering questions on the Annual Plan talk page, including some of you on this list, and I ran into some differences from English Wikipedia. On Meta I am asked for the revision ID of the edit for the thanks notification, and after thanking a user the "thank" link for an edit doesn't change to "thanked". Will Meta thanks notifications be upgraded in the future to function like ENWP's does?

Iím not sure why Thanks would behave differently on Meta. Does anyone know?

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