If you add it to core, can you replace/modify mw.notify while you're at it. The 2 main problems with mw.notify are that you can't see it and it doesn't float, both of which are addressed in PostEdit's version.

Ryan Kaldari

On 4/2/13 4:54 PM, Steven Walling wrote:
Hi all,

Today, using the "lightening deploy" window for relatively small, quick updates, Ori added the PostEdit feedback extension to seven more Wikipedias.

This means that, with addition of Chinese Wikipedia as of today, the feature is on all of the top ten projects except Russian Wikipedia. :-) 

Long term we're still considering adding this to MediaWiki core, especially since the backend which detects the fact that a page is load is after having saved an edit is technically in core, and this is just a wrapper around that at this point. 

Steven Walling

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