Script to delete old notifications is done, needs testing on eeflow or betalabs to make sure we have the cron job to run the job queue.
Once that's done, we can release putting unread messages in chronological order.
H-2 -- email notifications -- it works, should go in code review.
Benny's last day -- S says that he's cleared for takeoff.
G-102 -- "no formatting defined for notification" error -- there's a patch so we get more information on this.


Sick yesterday.
There's a bunch of patches in code review.
X-12: Monobook -- Watch star tooltip.

S is talking to Shahyar about setting up a brown-bag on "think mobile first", to make sure we know all the guidelines.


Yesterday -- swat deploy to release Echo fixes. (Thank you!)
Today -- getting into the code review list.

Shahyar can't log in...
There's a patch for the Hide modal dialog on Monobook, which we were hoping to backport yesterday. S will check with Shahyar to see the status.
The remaining issues are for Monobook -- Erik talked to Chris McMahon about running browser tests for a user with Monobook as the skin.