LQT --> Flow conversion on OfficeWiki tomorrow at 2pm SF!
We may follow that with putting Flow on one Office namespace (project talk).
Danny will send an email to staff about it.

S will be working on Trello --> Phabricator transition.


Code review for Erik & Matt
Switching over next week -- just a couple more days to wrap up LQT.
What moving parts are left w LQT?
L7 & L8 are done & in code review. Links to both threads and posts are redirects to the new Flow topic.
We're declaring victory on creating a log for conversion.


Finished LQT header patch (L9). Added templates parameters & responded to Andrew's feedback, merged. In product review.
Worked on ToC patches, mainly the collapse one (J2e). Finished last checklist item, in code review.
Reviewing everything in ToC to get to mergeable state.


Merged search patch to master.
Checked out documentation on CirrusSearch highlighting, looks like it works the way that we want it. You can customize how many snippets you want, and how much you want in it. This should give us the number of matches too.
Responded to some feedback on how text areas collapse -- dependency on event-logging patch.
Tomorrow: code review, then back to search.


Friday: mostly writing unit tests for LQT conversion, cleaned up a few bugs. Not running into serious errors anymore.
L109 -- script that adds {{see archive}} template to Flow board headers -- in code review.
Erik will communicate w Nick about archiving templates for Office.
L110 -- Script to move existing wiki talk pages -- question about detection of existing archive pages. Nick would like us to think about archive boxes. This is too much feature creep, so we'll punt on that for OfficeWiki and pick it up later. L110 is now in code review.