Regression patches -- most of the regressions we found yesterday will be fixed in today's release.
Working on search tomorrow -- he'll be talking to Nik and Chad next week.


Shahyar worked on a regression ticket, Erik finished it up
Spent a lot of time arguing with people about whether to merge stuff into core. But at least people showed up to comment. :) So apparently this is the way to get people to comment on your stuff -- just merge it. S points out that probably the best day to do that is Monday, rather than right before the release. We have learned many things.
S couldn't get the dialog patch up on eeflow yesterday -- try again today.
Watchlist star refactoring -- Shahyar was getting an exception from browser test. Fixed it this morning, it's working again. He needs to rebase it off master.
Today -- working on H-8 (add the ability to put hide / delete / suppress functions on history & other non-board pages)


Fixed up lots of the regressions -- some Danny identified, and some Erik found along the way.
The only one that still needs to go through -- dismissing new topic notifications by going to the board. We still need to work on this some more.
Danny will have to do another pass checking everything out at the release, and we'll see what else needs fixing. We've patched up a lot -- there will be some more bugs to squash, but we're getting close. :)