Worked on bugs today, merged some patches.
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Wrote code for handlers on history page (H-8), but it got messy. This would be a good time to start implementing OOJS.
Today -- start modifying our base classes, so they use OOJS to initialize. Then they can inherit off of one another, and it'll help us clean up the JS code on the Flow board later. This should be a one-day project, although Erik isn't sure.
S suggests -- split up into discrete patches
For new modal -- create a new card for changing modal dialog in core, and declare victory on G-11.
I-4: Adding Flow topic actions menu in no-JS. Put up a patch for it, add


Mostly working on fixing bugs yesterday. A bunch in code review, including new topic notifications linking to the board page.
Working on 1-1: Hide updates. Working on adding a way to handle calling the moderated topics. It means denormalizing the current moderation state.
We'll deploy the new topic notifications fixes tomorrow, to backport and get the bugs fixed before it goes to enwiki.