Thanks, Pine!

This is beautiful, nice of you to share this link. :)

Iíve looped in the Multimedia mailing list to get comments from the team and community.

Our plate is pretty full in coming months with core projects like Technical Debt, Upload Wizard and Structured Data.

But if there is something simple we can do to help make this type of visualization available to editors, that would be very cool.

Thanks for passing this on Ö.


On Apr 30, 2014, at 11:46 PM, ENWP Pine <> wrote: has open-source visualizations of Earth atmospheric and
oceanic conditions based on periodically updated public data. Using a
mouse allows the user to zoom and pan the visualizations. Clicking the
"earth" button shows the options panel. Could the Multimedia team
integrate this tool into Wikimedia? Imagine how engaging it would be for readers to open articles and find interactive and informative visualizations.

I can imagine similar visualizations in articles for countless other topics on Wikipedia.

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Fabrice Florin
Product Manager
Wikimedia Foundation