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From: Greg Grossmeier <>
Subject: Re: [Engineering] One Week Deploy Cycle Recommendation
Date: May 16, 2013 1:24:33 PM PDT
To: Development and Operations engineers <>

I just want to highlight a question I have for the various feature teams
at WMF:

(Staying on engineering@ so that everyone can participate, instead of
mailing individual team leads/etc.)

<quote name="Greg Grossmeier" date="2013-05-14" time="15:15:10 -0700">
== Riding the Train ==

Now is the time to start getting more development teams to start riding
the MW Core deploy train. If a one-week cycle/14 day lifespan (with the
always possible important backports available) is something doable for
your team right now, please do let me know. If it isn't, please let me
know what would be "good enough".



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