Congratulations to everyone involved!


2013/10/22 Fabrice Florin <>

I'm excited to share the good news that we just released Notifications on most wikis around the world today!

This major release includes about 752 sites, ranging from sister projects like Commons and Wiktionary, to remaining Wikipedias in almost all languages. These wikis now have both Echo and Thanks extensions enabled, as listed here. (1)

If you are active in a community where we just released Echo, we would be grateful if you could quickly test that Notifications work for you -- and let us know if you encounter any issues on this discussion page. (2) We invite you to enable all notifications in your preferences before you test, and follow guidelines from this testing page (3).

We would like to thank all the community and team members who worked together to create this useful tool -- and we are really glad to be bringing it to millions more people around the world. (4)

We hope that many productive collaborations will be enabled by this tool, and make our movement grow further as a result. :)



P.S.: We have not yet enabled Notifications on the German and Italian Wikipedias, because some of their community members thought that more discussions are needed about this feature. To support this request for more time, we are now targeting the week of November 18 for an Echo deployment on both sites.






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