Running LQT conversion on OfficeWiki this afternoon!


Figured out how to get LQT namespaces still available on Office when we turn LQT off, so the thread summary still works & has translations.
More LQT import testing. Lego merged most of the patches. (Thanks!)
We're close to shipping this. Discussion of how to merge.
Today: all about getting LQT conversion done.


A lot of code review on Erik's LQT patches.
Putting a finishing touch on wiki conversion script, to make sure it handles redirects correctly.
Sticking around for the conversion tonight.


Finished reviewing collapse patch, Erik reviewed changes.
Reviewed JS sanity patch.
Made a couple changes to fix the board navigation to the top of the page, rebased it.
Found a problem with J2d, clicking on a topic title.
There are now four more patches in the ToC chain to review -- a couple are pretty big, but it's on track.
He'll upload the latest version on flow-tests.
The priority for the "gap" problem is to get the initial "jumping down" behavior working correctly, then we can look at the scrolling up.


Working on L108, Search. Some refactoring in CirrusSearch, splitting out code from the maintenance script. Will get Nik's thoughts about it tomorrow.