Awesome. For the first time in a while I'm actually excited to get a message on my talk page. Can't wait to play with this!! Congratulations.

Does that mean WikiLove is back?


On Tue, Apr 30, 2013 at 1:22 PM, Fabrice Florin <> wrote:
Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce that we just deployed the first release of Notifications today on the English Wikipedia!

Please try it out and let us know right away if you see any bugs or issues -- or have comments or suggestions.

Notifications should start appearing in a red badge next to your name on very soon -- as well as on your archive page:

Before you test Notifications, we recommend that you go to your preferences page, and enable all the notifications you want (be sure to check email notifications, which are mostly 'opt-in' for current users):

For general tips on how Notifications work, check our FAQ page:

For more tips on how to test notifications, check this testing page:

Once you've tested Notifications, please join the discussion on this talk page:

You are also welcome to post technical bugs directly on Bugzilla:

Many thanks to Kaldari, Benny, Luke, Vibha, Oliver, Dario, Brandon, Steven, Matthew, S Page, Ori, Aaron, Asher, Howie, Terry, Erik and everyone else who made this product possible!


Fabrice and the E2 Team


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