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When the dust settles, I would recommend that you consider a notification inviting new users to take tours like these.

I wish I had had a tool like this when I was just getting started, and would have welcomed a notification a week or two after I registered to invite me to check it out.

Yes notifications are definitely part of the game plan to encourage return visits. In the short term, users will be invited to take such a tour immediately after they register, if the page they return to post-signup is editable.[1]
I personally would be have enjoyed a few extra steps showing me other editing features on a page, besides the two you have in this tour.

The current tour is far from complete I think, but it's a start. Perhaps telling users about the formatting toolbar and what the Review changes button is for? The balance is not overwhelming people who are making their very first edit, which is the primary audience of this tour. 

Steven Walling

1. See page one of https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/File:Direct-to-page_onboarding_workflow_overview.pdf and