Yesterday - Bug fixing, incl problem with purging cache, the sorting bug that Matt found.
Worked on shared process between LQT conversion and wikitext conversion -- moving page, copying header. Made that into shared code.
Today: Need to test how we're going to import LQT pages on OfficeWiki.
S will create a card to track the cacheing problem.


Did release readiness, found a few bugs. Fixed a problem: the sort tooltip always showing the same thing, no matter which sorting you have.
Merged mw-ui fix and had people test the new focus pattern.
Working on L9, LQT conversion script to create board header.
Today: ToC code review.


Figured out issues with the ToC -- new stuff is up and running on flow-tests.
Not picking up anything else; this will be his last day.


73679: Preview message looks like an error, has question mark cursor. Worth asking Pau to check it out.
73676: Comment edit missing from history -- filed by Matt.
73638: Fixed by Erik.
73597: Newest topics sort menu fails on test2 -- the menu doesn't appear. S found this. Not high priority, maybe there's a short-term fix.
73583: Don't want post responses to be cacheable. Didn't Benny fix this? Erik says we disabled it for everything, not just IE. Erik put in a patch so that it's only disabled on IE.