Hi everyone, and happy Friday! 

This is a quick list of highlights from what the Editor Engagement Experiments team deployed to the wikis yesterday:

GettingStarted: the interface change of note is that the toolbar (presented on articles if you accept a GettingStarted task) is now much more responsive on smaller screen sizes and print. Since we opted to hide the toolbar on screen sizes where it would otherwise be broken (i.e. below about 850px of width), we started explicitly logging whether users saw the toolbar or not.  

GuidedTours: logging for guided tours was recently broken by our last release. This wasn't a big deal since we weren't running any active controlled tests, but we deployed and verified fixes for logging, along with cleaning up other parts of the architecture. 

CoreEvents: CoreEvents is a new extension, deployed just last week, to house logging of certain events in MediaWiki core, like preference updates. Yesterday we added logging of whether an edit was made via the API or mobile. Learn more at https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:CoreEvents

EventLogging: the big change here is that we added an API module for retrieving the JSON of a schema. Like index.php?action=raw on a wikitext page, the module returns the raw JSON content of the schema and lets you refer to a specific revision. Here's an example: https://meta.wikimedia.org/w/api.php?action=jsonschema&revid=5588433&format=jsonfm

Steven Walling