We had our quarterly review today:


Fixed bug for Beta Labs -- database filling, it's in code review
Updated two patches in code review with -1, they're up for review again
Reviewing interview candidates, more
Cherry-picked all Co-op fixes, they're good to go!
Today: Parsoid/services quarterly review
More interview stuff
Code review Matthias' search work


Change to OfficeWiki config for Sherry
Reviewed VE/Parsoid patch, ready to merge
Updated API docs based on Dev Summit
Enabled Flow on test page for research
Reviewed Qunit mobile test, ready to merge


Community members helped us do our spike for the Echo mentions bugs, much appreciated.
T87446 -- JQuery error affecting unit tests, filed as unbreak now -- both VE and Echo. We'll need to fix it.
T75426 -- Comments w diacritics doesn't generate notifications. Important for Portuguese - put into this sprint.