Hi Lila!

How great that you're starting a project in Argentina! Please do put your name down in one of the groups on this list:


The idea is to have one skype/hangout during May and to take notes about this session of three to four people so we all can take part of what you've spoken about and for you to take part in everybody else's conversations.


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Sophie Österberg 

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2013/4/29 Lila Pagola <lilapagola@gmail.com>
Hi Sophie, and everybody

I'm a member of Wikimedia Argentina, working around education initiatives. I couldn't make it for the Milan meeting, but I'm very interested about sharing experiences and activities in the education field.
We have recently started here a "education program" and we are making our first "organic" steps. More info at: http://eduwiki.wikimedia.org.ar/wiki/P%C3%A1gina_principal

So, I'm not sure how can I participate in this conversations... but for sure I will like to know about other education programs and ways of working in other chapters.


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