TL:DR: The Community Engagement department invites you to participate in the Leadership Development Dialogue now through October 16th [1]

Hello there,

One of the really valuable, parts of our community, is the growing number of volunteers who step beyond their comfort zone, and become guides, mentors, and leaders for other parts of the volunteer community. This act of emerging, to take on responsibilities that strengthen our community is widespread, but also something that we need to embrace, refine and improve, so that we have the capacity to meet our broader mission.

From now through October 16th, the Community Engagement department invites you to participate in an online dialogue about just how to describe and build the leadership capacity. Please invite all who may be interested by forwarding to your local community mailing lists, and be sure to join us at: [1]

In particular, we need your help:

  • Improving the “Learning Days” and other leadership development programs supported by the WMF and other organizations

  • Refining the language and concepts we use to describe “leadership” -- in our initial exploratory engagement of focus groups, we found that the word “leader” does not translate well across language and cultures.

In behalf of the Community Engagement department, we hope to see you on the wiki!

María Cruz  \\  Communications and Outreach Coordinator, L&E Team \\ Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.