Excellent news, Martin. :) 

In case your session's attendees are curious about the international landscape, Wikipedia assignments have been piloted in university chemistry courses in at least 6 countries: the US (Michigan, Louisiana), Canada (Toronto), Australia (Sydney), Serbia (Belgrade), Thailand (Bangkok), and Taiwan.

Best of luck at the conference,

Anna :)


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On Sun, Mar 22, 2015 at 11:34 PM, Pine W <wiki.pine@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Martin,

Thanks for this info. I would like to suggest that you reach out to WMDC, WMNY, and New England Wikimedians. They may be able to connect you with other chemists who teach with Wikipedia, and/or Wikipedians who could instruct chemists in Wikipedia mechanics and community norms.

I look foward to hearing how this event goes.



On Mar 22, 2015 8:58 PM, "Martin Walker" <walkerma@potsdam.edu> wrote:
We're holding a symposium at the national American Chemical Society (ACS) meeting (in Boston, USA, August 16-20) concerning Wikipedia and Chemistry, with a special emphasis on education projects.  For example, Ye Li (co-organizer) from the University of Michigan will be presenting on use of Wikipedia editing in chemistry courses on her campus.

The description is as follows:
Wikipedia and Chemistry: Collaborations in Science and Education

Chemistry information on Wikipedia has an enormous reach and impact.  In this symposium, the connections between Wikipedia editors and the wider chemistry community will be explored.  In particular, collaborations between educators, students and regular editors (Wikipedians) will be examined to understand how Wikipedia editing can be set up as a successful class project. Educators will demonstrate how Wikipedia projects can help students with understanding subject matters and improving information literacy skills. Meanwhile, we will explore how educators and the Wikipedia community can work together through the Wikipedia Education Program to ensure students' contributions to Wikipedia are valid and effective. Finally, we will exchange ideas on how to involve more chemists in contributing to Wikipedia, and how to use the site wisely.

We are also planning an Edit-a-thon to get chemists engaged in editing and contributing.

If you have experience of using Wikipedia (or indeed, another Wikimedia platform if relevant) in chemical education, and would like to present, please contact me, or submit an abstract via the ACS website.  Abstracts are due by Sunday, March 29th.  If you just live in the area and would like to help out with promoting Wikipedia in education among the chemistry community, let me know.


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