2011/10/19 Juan de Vojníkov <juandevojnikov@gmail.com>
I have find out that the major problem in the Czech republic is that most of the public education sector doesnt have an interest or motivation. This could be find out in some private schools. Once there we do teachers training. The importance of developing classroom realted training seems not to be important for the teachers now, but Reo would be able to say more about that.

There was a mention of outreach in the classroom.  Have you created a page about this on either your chapter wiki, Outreach, Meta or Wikipedia? We're unlikely to be able to easily return and want to make sure that we have guides that they can keep and use for future reference when we leave, in addition to providing on wiki support and support through the chapter where a few members are coordinating this. That's why I have the desire to make sure we have something in print.

And then probably something on wikipedia.  Anna has done a good job with creating http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiProject_Classroom_coordination/SFSU_Class_Project in terms of making sure classroom related editors get guidance, and something like that in print…  *babbles*
I personaly dont think, there is a need of that - just working on the guidance to teachers telling them something is not possible and something could work.

That's kind of along the lines of what I was thinking: Wikipedia can be used in English to help with writing goals.  Commons can be used for photograph for art related classes.  Wikinews would be good for business, journalism, English, marketing… (so long as all edits are done with in the rule set of both wikis.)

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