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The January 2017 issue of the Wikimedia Research Newsletter is out:


This edition is a special issue collecting recent research about the topic of Wikipedia in education.


In this issue:


1 "Wikipedia as a platform for impactful learning: A new course model in higher education"

2 Faculty perception of Wikipedia improves over five-year term

3 Students report 95% of their interactions with other Wikipedians as positive – even when they are getting reverted

4 Briefly

4.1 What we know from research about why Wikipedia is still struggling to get accepted in academia, and about the benefits of teaching with Wikipedia

4.2 "Contributing to Wikipedia as an assignment for undergraduate students"

4.3 How to motivate students and others to contribute to Wikibooks

4.4 K-12 teachers perceive Wikipedia as easy to use but unreliable

4.5 Conferences and events


*** 17 recent publications were covered or listed in this issue ***


Masssly, Tilman Bayer and Dario Taraborelli

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