Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your nice comments which are very much appreciated.

Given the success of the French version with children in general in the French-speaking countries (in schools and out-of-school), launching new language versions of Wikimini has become one of our most desirable goals. And I can tell you that we have been working very hard to that end for the last 12 months, in particular on adapting our technical infrastructure in ways that will allow the creation of new language versions of Wikimini. And I'm grateful to add that we have been offered the financial support from Wikimedia CH to facilitate this.

Basically all the necessary technical framework is in place. At the moment, there are already 4 individuals involved (or interested) in the creation of a Spanish, Italian and Arabic version of the project but I have to admit that this is not an easy task for a single person. Therefore I would be very glad to discuss this in more detail with people (or organisations) interested in launching and coordinating (or simply taking part in or promoting) a new version of Wikimini in their own language.

Please, feel free to drop me an email (info@wikimini.org or laurent.jauquier@unifr.ch) and I promise that I will do my very best to help you and maybe put you in touch with other interested people!

Sorry for my limited English. My mother tongue is French. However feel free to write to me in Portuguese, German, English and Italian (or French, which would be perfect of course!).


P.S. You can find a short description of the project in English here: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikikids/Review_of_current_existing_wikis_akin_to_Wikikids#Wikimini (with a few other projects, which are both very similar in some regards, and very different in other aspects, and thus not easy to compare). Perhaps the most relevant features of Wikimini lies in the fact that it is written by children and that the project all belongs to them. On Wikimini we like to say that we are recruiting and forming the tomorrow's Wikipedians! :-) It's a long way to go, but it's surely worth it!

2013/4/18 Jean-Marc Gailis <jeanmarc.gailis@gmail.com>
I think it can be interesting for all to join this project to Wikimedia, to promote it and make versions for other languages than french.
To my mind, this project contributors made a good job.
I can help you to make a Wikimini in Latvian (I contribute to MediaWiki translation to Latvian, so I know it very well).

Jean-Marc Gailis
Ubuntu Latvian Translator
Wikipedia Fan and contributor
"Think Global, Make Locales."

2013/4/18 Erlan Vega <alhen.wiki@gmail.com>

It looks really interesting. I went straight to Spanish version but a pass is required. Are there plans to open other languages?

Great job so far!!

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