I have been in contact with the student organisation at KMH, Kungliga Musikhögskolan in Stockholm (The Royal Music College in Stockholm) during the spring and talked about the importance of visualising the articles at Wikipedia.
What was my priority in these talks was to try to get more music from the Swedish folkloric treassure to be free to listen in the articles, for example Bellman and old Swedish psalms. Other board members filled in with that it would be great if they could play a simple scale or so with all the different instruments they have and film it so that it will be possible to visually see and hear the difference between a piccolofleute and a trumpet (even the moves you do when you play).

The student organisation thinks it is a great idea to record this and are now putting up notes at the school about this posibility to be seen and listened too (the students might use this in their CV that they are in an encyclopedia).

We will see how many that are interested now at the end of the semester (probably not so many), but will proceed to try to find volunteers next semester too.

My thought was that this might be a great idea for other universities too to make a club for recording their national treassures to the articles.

This is a very good idea, good luck with the initiative!

I've often wondered about Wikimedia UK setting up a project with the music schools here to record more sounds to illustrate our articles, but have never got round ot it.

Of course, music crosses national boundaries, so it is possible to do this kind of project with anything music-related, anywhere in the world.


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