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I participate since early 2012 to a European-funded project, WikiSKills.

This project aims, amongst other things, to create ressources for
trainers and teachers of wiki based software and practices. These
ressources will be published at the end of the project under a cc by sa

More information may be found
* here:
* and there: (very new website, bear with us)

Within that project, we have created a survey of 19 questions.
The aim of this survey is to collect the point of view of pioneers from
different educational sectors using wiki tools in their teaching
contexts. The survey is addressing school teachers, university
professors, professional and adults trainers in order to find out how
they are using wikis today, how they are developing wiki skills of their
students/learners as well as identifying interests and needs associated
to wikis and teaching wiki skills.

We'd love your help.

Please do not hesitate to forward this email.

Start the survey here :
<>  (duration 10-20

Best regards

Florence Devouard

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