I have mentioned this before to campus ambassadors but never actually had a computer class to try it out with. I would recommend something similar to the {{automatic taxobox}}, an intricate network of templates that automatically fills in the information that used to be manually keyed into the {{taxobox}}. A project of similar size and nature would be ideal for a semester-long group senior project. I am sure there are many areas of Wikipedia where people say, “It sure would be nice if this template did that for us, but none of us has time or know-how to make it happen.”
From: ENWP Pine
Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 12:39 AM
Subject: [Wikimedia Education] Student software dev projects for Wikimedia
Hi, a few of us had an offline discussion about getting university professors to encourage their students to publish code that they develop for classes based on MediaWiki and Wikimedia projects. What I heard is that professors are using MW and Wikimedia projects as environments for student devs but not many are publishing the code that the students produce. Is anyone working on outreach to university professors to encourage them to get student projects published and in a form that we can use, and is there a list of projects somewhere that are suggested for professors to use when teaching? This could be a dev equivalent to the Wikimedia Education Program.


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