Does this list exist anywhere yet?  I think it's a great idea for people doing this work, because it's an easy way to see what other people are doing and develop your new ideas.  

But I also think it would help me.  I was looking for such a list (with dates) a few months ago when a Tech Ops project stopped all editing for ~30 minutes twice in the same week for a major maintenance activity.  You can easily understand how a 30-minute outage would ruin a class presentation, if they happen at the same time.  But there's no central calendar for either Edu or GLAM projects, so I didn't know who could be affected.

Speaking of which:  A similar pair of maintenance-related outages may happen in October or November.  Planning has just begun, and the dates are unknown.  Announcements will be made via  

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Thanks everyone. I might suggest that we keep a centralized list of
GLAM+STEM and Education projects, probably on the Outreach wiki, to
facilitate awareness and communication. As far as I know, we currently have
no easy way to figure out what projects are planned, are happening, or have
happened. These don't need to be elaborate reports; a simple list of
locations and dates with links to the project pages would be great.

Alex, is this something that you and Tighe could look into coordinating?