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Do any of you know who from Wikimedia is focused on education for K-12 in the US? And if there is a representative in California (Bay Area or otherwise) that would be interested in working on this topic?

We're exploring a gathering of folks working on fair and balanced copyright curriculum for K-12 (a list to start at my post) and wondering if someone from Wikimedia might be interested in being part of it.


While I do not have experience with California's curriculum standards, a copy of k-6 are available at . contains a list of standards by subject matter.  One of the first steps would be to identify which curriculum standards that any lesson plan designs would be aimed at assisting a teacher in meeting.   Library skills looks to be an easier one to target if you read through .  An advantage to taking this approach is it allows plugging into both the network of education folks and library folks. (Phoebe Ayers, a member of the WMF Board is also a librarian, and she might have good access to librarians working in schools in the state of California.)  

Another question once you determine which curriculum standards that you're seeking to address is whether you're developing basically developing a learning unit, with a complete curriculum designed to take place over the course of a quarter/term of whether you're looking to create lesson plans aimed one to three course periods, or a plan that takes two to three weeks of classroom time.  There are merits to either approach, but implementation may then come down to the school structure, support and teacher flexibility.  Developing multiple resources may not be a bad approach. 

That said, I would be happy to try to assist where possible.  I'm currently working on developing an education program across Wikinews project, starting on English Wikinews at .  One of the goals is to aim this potentially at high school teachers, and I could probably figure out some way to do a better job at integrating these concepts into some of the material that is being developed. 

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