I see, I havent understood what the remote are is. So if it is about developing countries with low internet access and English as a second language. No, I dont have any experience with that. The major problem would be that internet access, but in the case there will be a motivation/interest in editing in local language you may offer computers to edit wikipedia offline.


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Laura, by remote do you mean rural developed world or developing world?

For materials, http://outreach.wikimedia.org/wiki/Bookshelf

This would be developing, remote are.  The Marshall Islands are one place we're going.  Guam is probably the most developed place.  (If we have the time and budget, Saipan might be there but no confirmation on that yet.) We're dealing with probably one or two computer labs at a college with additional computers in the libraries and no assumption that most students have computers at home. We're also probably dealing with English as a second language learners.  (Though this is not always the case.)  I think I've seen somewhere people discussing doing similar outreach related to "One Laptop Per Child" that might be applicable.

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