Thank you for doing that, Sophie. This is what I think we can call peer to peer collaboration. :)á

I hope the seniors people from WMF (I mean specificaly the learnings group inside the organization and the education program director) can hear you to learn from this initiative and how we can improve it. I think this is a good way to decentralize the program and an excelent way to learn from each other. I can commit myself to meet people from my group in May, sure!

I am going to e-mail them as soon as possible to see when we can discuss these topics (SusikMkr, Kiril and Leigh - just changed LiAnna to another group where was Leigh, since LiAnna has been collaborating a lot with Brazil). I need their e-mails as well and we should create a closed page to gather all these contact.

By the way, as I talked to some of you (WMF colleagues and friends from the movement working with education), my best experiences in sharing learnings was when we had smaller meetings with 2 or 3 people discussing their programs. When we had those meetings full of people when each one had only 5 to 10 minutes to speak, they seemed usually useless, mainly we need to go deep and you had to say important things in a hurry.

Let's each other be proactive and try to set our meetings in May.á

P. S. I am not sure everybody from these groups are participating of this mailing list.

P. P. S. I will propose a similar motto for the international council of local groups of Open Knowledge Foundation. Thanks again, Sophie!


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