Hi all! Too bad to see this list being so quiet, as I'd love to hear from other professors and find out what you're doing in your classes. Many discussions take place on the WP talk pages, but it's hard to keep track of everything there!

At the end of the month I'l be starting an undergraduate course in which I'll use both Wikipedia and Moodle. For Wikipedia, the usual: articles, userpages, talk, sandboxes etc. I'll use Moodle for forum discussions, assignments and extra reading/media material. This is part of an experimental initiative in Brazilian public universities to create working models for the merging of traditional and distance learning classes, and I'll be the first one to do this together with our well-known Wikipedia Education Project.

My point is, I'd like to know whether any of you here or someone you know has used Moodle to support a course with Wikipedia assignments. I'll be happy to hear about such experiences. And I'll share mine when I have them, of course.


Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State - UNIRIO, Brazil