Currently, there are no trained Campus Ambassadors at Rutgers. I'm not sure exactly how this would work, though it could be interesting. I encourage you to reach out to some folks at Rutgers whom you think would get involved and be interested in heading up that project. 

There are a few professors who've indicated interest in participating in the past, from Rutgers. I'll reach out to them to see if any are planning to participate in the Fall, and I'll forward your email to any who are. 


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Actually I don't know what are Watson and Rutgers.
So this message can't make much sense for me !

Watson is a famous IA software[1] designed by IBM.

Rutgers is, among other things, the name of an universty[2], and I infer that's what's is referred here.


Who are the campus ambassador(s) to Rutgers? Or could be if we don't have any?

IBM gave Rutgers a research version of Watson, and I think we should
try to recruit it into the education program as an editor. This might
work out pretty well, but I don't think we want it to happen in an
uncontrolled fashion whereby e.g., people could be accused of not
having proper Bot Approvals Group clearance.

Also, it turns out that Watson uses Wikipedia text to make decisions,
including medical decisions on which there could be potential
liability issues that we need to explore more closely if we want to be
prudent about them. I believe we could resolve all those issues by
recruiting IBM Watson as an editor in the Education Program subject to
the ordinary evaluations and in full exposure to the scrutiny of the

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