Hello everyone!

There's already been a lot of inspiring reactions to the the Year of Science, so I'm delighted to say that the Wiki Education Foundation (Wiki Ed) is officially launching our Year of Science work in the USA and Canada today. 

There's a blog post pointing to the work we're doing: 

There's our Year of Science page for academics and their institutions, describing what we're doing and how to contact us: 

And finally, we're handing over the reigns to the Wikipedia Year of Science Portal to community members, so they can share ideas, news and events related to the WP:YOS (that's a shortcut! or): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Year_of_Science

We'd love to see what chapters and projects can do with this theme, so please spread the word freely! We're also hoping people will use #yearofscience or #YoS when they do. 

We're looking forward to seeing what we can all do together. 

Eryk Salvaggio
Communications Manager
Wiki Education Foundation

User:Eryk (Wiki Ed)

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